Holding a brighter future at OM!

As most of you know, our mission at OM Sanctuary is to inspire healthy lifestyle practices through holistic education and connection with nature. We envision all of us living in harmony with nature and community, especially here at OM.

Part of the challenge of doing this successfully is how to integrate these beliefs with our facility, the former Richmond Hill Inn, which was built without these concerns being first and foremost. To the rescue, the Duke Energy Small Business Energy Saver Program,

This Duke Energy Small Business Energy Saver Program paid 52% of the cost of replacing all OM’s incandescent and fluorescent bulbs and fixtures with more modern and energy saving LED bulbs and fixture. All the work was completed today, November 11th! The Program also retrofitted some T 12 fluorescents with more energy saving sized T8 bulbs and helped us to save our beautiful candelabras and help them sparkle more energy efficiently. Most energy saving of all was the replacement of 2 old exit signs with some 2 watt LED universal exit signs! Some of these needed changes were already identified in a prior audit by the Waste Reduction Partners of Land of Sky Regional Council

All in all, 228 bulbs and fixtures were replaced for an annual estimated energy savings of 26,830 kWh and a 3 year savings of 80,517 kWh. There is also the wonderful bonus of saving money for our growing small business as well. In fact, the more we grow with Rest and Renewal stays and holistic overnight programming in 2015, OM’s energy savings will increase more than the estimate.

The future at OM is definitely looking bright for 2015! Not only do we have fresh new energy saving lights, but also our Rest and Renewal reservations and program offerings will continue to expand. See for an upcoming program listing or reserve your  personalized holistic retreat at OM under visit from our homepage,

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