Kindred Spirit

OM Sanctuary is always fortunate to meet the many lovely souls who choose to stay on our grounds. Today, I thought I would share a heartwarming testimonial from a former guest as an example of how OMS guests feel about the Sanctuary and the staff:
~ After moving from my beloved ocean home in Florida to the city of Charlotte, I felt I needed to connect with myself in nature to help with the transition, so I booked a solo trip to OM Sanctuary in Asheville and took in the rest and renewal that they offer.  I was graciously welcomed bkindred spirity the friendliest staff ever – from Harry who handled my reservation, to Katie who escorted me to my room and told me all about the sanctuary, and Brian who made sure I was comfortable and that my breakfast was to my liking. Barbara and Shannon were also kind and helpful. It was very easy to rest in this quiet, peaceful setting and I very much enjoyed sitting in the beautiful garden listening to the waterfall and watching the butterflies dance.  My renewal came from the wonderful teachings of Shelli and Rev.  Shelli had me elated as we danced intuitively and she took me on a journey of movement that is both healing and rejuvenating.  Rev was my yoga instructor and he took great care in personalizing my session and creating an open and safe practice.  I am incredibly grateful for my experience at OM Sanctuary and will be enjoying the blessings for a long time.
Thank you!  —Gina Kuettner
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