Layne Redmond: Bhramari Buzz Off Birthday Celebration

Imagine, on August 17th and August 18th of 2013, a buzzing of women and men arriving with flowers, chocolate and mediation pillows in the Sanctuary Garden View Room. What would produce such a flurry of high energy and joy? The answer is Layne Redmond! Layne Redmond touched thousands obuzzing beef lives by traveling world wide teaching and researching a world that once belonged, but became lost, to women. Her expertise was with frame drumming and its ancient connection to women, and its healing and religious rites.
Layne had more than 100 guests arrive, and over 200 virtual participants celebrating with her on Saturday (click to see video). Layne led Bhramari pranayama meditation, which is a yogic practice she taught based on emulating the buzzing of bees. The technique realigns both brain and body from the vibrations of the vocal chords. Other instructors were also present at her celebration; including Josephine Spilka and Richard Koerber who instructed in other meditation techniques including Tonglen.

On Sunday (click to see video) Yeye Omileye Achikeobi-Lewis, priestess of Oxun, led the closing blessing of Holding Up the Water Bowl of Prayers for the omileyeWorld. The ceremony took place at the OM Sanctuary waterfall, blessing all with water and song. Omileye did a personal blessing for OM Sanctuary (full name, Oshun Mountain Sanctuary) whose programs embrace the archetypal tributes of Oshun. Photo left to right: Cameron, Omileye, Derrick, Omo

On October 28 2013, at 8:30a. Layne Redmond (Advisory Board Member to OM Sanctuary) peacefully passed in her home. We at OM Sanctuary stand in gratitude for Layne Redmond’s dedication to her passion which led to her becoming the acclaimed female drummer, composer, author, and mythologist of her time. She touched many individual’s lives through her workshops and performances she held internationally; specializing in the hand-held frame drums played primarily in the ancient Mediterranean world. Lanye’s blessed beats drum on…

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