Aaron Lodge Receives J.B. Media Institute Certification

OM Sanctuary has exciting news to share with you. Aaron Lodge, OM Sanctuary’s Communications Specialist, was awarded the J.B. Media Institute’s (JBMI) Certification for Marketing Strategies. This month-and-a-half-long course focused on online marketing strategies ranging from web design, to social media usage, to manaaaron 2ging online Public Relations. The class was taught in an open lecture format and students were able to learn from engaging in shared discussion.

This is what Aaron has to say about his certification: “JBMI was very focused and direct. They gave me the knowledge to implement best practices with social media, online marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As a web-designer I now have the skills to bring OM Sanctuary to the forefront so more people have access to the site with SEO research. They gave me strategy plans for our social media with ways to outreach to the community as well as offer our services in a non-aggressive manner. Their classes were alternated by instructors and guest speakers who all had vast knowledge and advice. They were very hands on and would help each of us specifically with our company and goals. Most importantly, I now have the ability to study the data and analytics of all internet traffic so OMS can understand what the community prefers and what they are not interested in.”

Good Job, Aaron! When you start hearing about and seeing more of OM Sanctuary, you’ll know why.

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