Plearn Workshop a Great Success!

On May 3rd through the 5th, OM Sanctuary was filled with the energy of dancing, moving, flying Plearners. What is a Plearner, or rather, what is Plearning? Plearning is integrated movement at its best, combining a mixture of play and learning with choreographed dance steps. This fun filled event was led by Master Nia Trainer, Winalee Zeeb, founder of Heartdance Studio in Lansing, Michigan. Zeeb gave participants clock stepping movements with an edgy mix of pop, rock, hip-hop, and world music in OM Sanctuary’s garden pavillion studio. Plearners at OM Sanctuary’s May event learned to “Fly,” One of Nia’s newest routines. Fly is a pattern of movements that integrates the Five Sensations of Fitness (FAMSS) into every Nia movement sequence. The Plearners who participated in this extraordinary event are “flying” with ease.

OM Sanctuary is grateful to all Plearning participants who made this workshop such a great success! May you continue to “FLY!”

plearn2 Plearn workshop 05.13 plearn3 plearn 4

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