September Community Potluck

The OM Sanctuary Terrace is covered with bowls of delightfall fall dishes, deserts, and a collection of diverse  individuals from the local Asheville Community. All of these elements have gathered for OM Sanctuary’s first Community Potluck on the last Wednesday of the month.

Shelli Stanback, President of OM Sanctuary is speaking to the group about the nature of this vision. The initial seed, the dedication, and the next step. Children are dancing about, dropping cubes of cheese and returning them to their mouths in between periods of laughter. Their parents are steadily observing and listening as Shelli synchronistically speaks to the future of the planet for our children. What we are leaving behind, and the need to conserve the resources we have and reconnect with our natural environment. Away from the car honks and everday music of downtown, there is a sense of ease and understanding in all the eyes gathered here today. Everyone wants happiness and the highest form of living for all, there is a sense of community formed around commonality.

As the bowls began to empty and the light of evening began to become less and less apparent, community members were invited to participate in a guided tour of OM Sanctuary before closing for the evening.

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