First Day of Fall: Unity Ceremony

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On this cool September morning, the Sanctuary is quiet and stillness sweeps the grounds with the face of  dawn and early morning fog; Both patient and pervasive. Inside the Sanctuary, a group of guests have arrived for a day of ceremonial unity. At this hour, a group has gathered in the Trillium Meditation Room, for a Mindfulness Meditation before embarking on their day of  bustling energy and the excitement that comes with Celebration. Aaron  and Michelle  are nestled among the meditators as sun tiptoes in through the windows behind them landing gently on the backs of their necks and dripping down their shoulderblades.  Later today they will be walking down the Serenity Gardens and commiting to spending the rest of their waking lives in union with the other. But in this moment, they are surrendering to what is present, and the sun illuminates each of them with equanimity and reassurance.

As part of the OM Sanctuary Pearls of Wisdom Program, Unity Ceremonies such as this one are an opportunity for individuals and groups to integrate a special celebration or sacred ceremony with the fullness of experience and nature embodied by OM Sanctuary. Guest amenities include a Nature Trail, Serenity Gardens, and daily OM-Bodiment classes such as yoga and meditation. More than an event space or hotel, OM Sanctuary offers guests a unique opportunity to approach life as a whole system: to distress, be in the present moment, and refresh the body mind and spirit at the same time is a basic OM offering for all.

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