OMBodiment Programs

OM Sanctuary will launch its OMBodiment Classes with the first phase of community programming on October 1, 2012. Dynamic Asheville teachers wishing to hold a mind/body/ spirit oriented class or workshop at the newly renovated OM Sanctuary Renewal Center can submit a proposal request to Upon receipt of your submission, teachers will be asked to complete a Program Proposal as well as a short biography and resume. Classes will be scheduled throughout September. We encourage teachers to make submissions early so we can accommodate your requests.

The OMBodiment Classes are above all else an invitation for full integration with our natural rhythms and the environment. OMBodiment programs embrace holistic movement and other transformational mind-body-spirit practices as a way to create ongoing routines that promote healthy habits. The weekly classes will be designed to accommodate a variety of skill levels in a safe, nurturing and non-competitive environment. OM Sanctuary will provide weekly classes with certified instructors in a variety of mindful experiences such as: Yoga, Mat Pilates, DANCintuit, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Ageless Grace, and Meditation.

Teachers and students of OMBodiment Classes are also welcome to enjoy the natural beauty of the Tranquility Trail before or after class times. We ask that you exercise mindfulness of socializing and noise levels as other OM Sanctuary guests will be on the property.  Community members are welcome to visit for a list of monthly classes open to the public starting in October. Drop-ins and first-time students are always encouraged.  We thank you for being a part of this greater Asheville community and we look forward to seeing your bright and energetic faces up at OM!

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